About The Center

Students Health Care Tanta University

We were established at the Saberbay colleges complex on 26/9/2009 to provide medical services to students and includes 22 clinics for all disciplines in the era of: prof.Dr. Hany Hela "Minister of High Education " prof.Dr. Abdelfattah Sadaqa "President of Tanta University " prof.Dr. Aziz Kafafi "vice president for Education and Student Affairs " prof.Dr. Mostafa Ellakawy "General Supervisor of Medical Administration " All Services are currently provided under the Leadership of prof.Dr. Mahmoud Zaki"president of Tanta University " prof.Dr. Mohamed Hussain"vice president of Tanta University " prof.Dr. Hesham Fayad "General Supervisor of Medical Administration ".

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Vision & Mission

Vision: Ahealthy and healthy students community through an integrated health system the operates with fairness,efficiency,high ,quality and leadership in the region, Mission: To provide preventive and curative health services and play a regulatory and supervisory role on services related to student health and safty with fairness and high quality and optimal use of resources and partnership with The relevent authorities within a comprehensive health policy.

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