Strategic Objectives of the Crisis Management and Decision-Making Unit at Tanta University
·      Spreading the culture of crisis and disaster management and raising awareness of its risks and ways of dealing with them among faculty members, staff and students at the university.
·      Develop scenarios for crises and expected risks and plans to deal with them.
·      Coordination with similar bodies to exchange interest.
·      Training the necessary employees of the university and developing their capabilities to help in facing crises as they occur.
·      Supervising the formation of crisis management teams in all sectors of the university and ensuring that they are trained to implement the plans set to confront crises and disasters.
·      Forming volunteer teams from university students to help spread awareness of the culture of crisis management and also to help confront crises as they occur.
·      Inventory and determination of the shortfall in the security and safety requirements at the university and submit it to the university administration to provide them and provide the university sectors with the necessary ones.
·      Documenting all crises that arise in all faculties and sectors of the university and how to deal with them and identifying the most important pros and cons.