Strategic unit Coordinators 

 Faculty   Coordinator 
Faculty of medicine
 Dr / Marwa Awad 
 Faculty of Pharmacy  Dr / Aber Atef 
 Faculty of Dentistry  Dr/Samah Farouk 
 Faculty of Science  Dr/ Ehab Abedel kawy 
 Faculty of Nursing  Dr / Walaa Eid 
Faculty of Education  Dr/ Ahmed Atia 
 Faculty of Specific Education   Dr/ Asmaa Khttab 
 Faculty of Commerce  Dr/ Ahmed Hassan 
Faculty of Arts Dr/ Aza Kabeel  
 Faculty of Agriculture Dr/ Yasser Nahla   
 Faculty of Engineering  Dr/ Samir Dawood 
 Faculty of Computers and Information   Dr/ Ayda Nasr 
 Faculty of Physical Education  Dr/ Angal Eldesouky