Goals & Objectives of Tanta University

Raising the efficiency of institutional capacity to ensure quality performance

  1. Updating the strategic plan for the university and ensuring performance follow-up.
  2. Developing infrastructure and creating university facilities.
  3. Developing the information and communication technology system for a knowledge-producing digital university.
  4.  Developing the organizational structure of the university and its institutions.
  5. Sustainable development for faculty members, the supporting staff, and academic and administrative leaders.
  6. Achieving quality and excellence for program and institutional accreditation and sustainability.

Upgrading the educational system and raising the competitive competencies of graduates

  1. Strengthening the hybrid and distance learning system.
  2. Developing educational programs with a credit hour system that are compatible with current and future developments and meet the requirements of the labor market.
  3. Promoting and updating advanced technological methods in teaching, learning, assessment, and training students.
  4. Effective plan to attract more international students.
  5. Internationalization of the university & Cooperations )Student exchange and Twinning protocols )

Strengthening the scientific research system and achieving competitiveness, excellence, and innovation

  1. Expanding cooperation protocols with relevant research institutions regionally and internationally.
  2. Increase financial support provided for scientific research.
  3. Expansion of partnerships between the university and economic sectors.
  4. Promoting scientific publishing in international peer-reviewed journals in various fields.
  5. Supporting intellectual property issues, professional controls, and the values and ethics of scientific research.

Activating the axes and fields of partnership and gaining community trust to achieve sustainable development

  1. Strengthening the strategic axes of the environmental affairs and community service to achieve sustainable development.
  2. Directing learning outcomes and scientific research to community service.
  3. Developing and creating diverse and sustainable self-resources.
  4. Continuous improvement of professional service quality specifications.
  5.  Establishing strong links with national and international organizations to develop opportunities for cooperation and exchange of graduates

Enhancing internationalization of the university

  1. Upgrading the university's classification locally, regionally and internationally.
  2. Improving the academic, educational, research and employment reputation of the university.

SWOT analysis