The Vision

A center for the support and operation of management information systems at the university as a unit equipped with the necessary furniture, equipment and air-conditioning devices in distinct locations and equipped with main servers, data storage units, devices and technical staff trained and able to follow up the operation of the systems. The centers were also provided with various software from operating systems, databases, protection systems, and licenses to use database programs. And it works on developing unified software and applications for education and student affairs, graduate studies affairs, research, faculty members’ affairs, the supporting body, study schedules, examination work system and controls, and linking them to electronic coordination and the Supreme Council of Universities.

 The Mission

Providing the following applications for management information systems and supporting their operation at the university:

Application of Student Affairs and Controls

Postgraduate Application

Faculty Application

Study schedule preparation application

Email service for each student and faculty member

University cities application

University cities application service

Personnel and benefits application

The service of applying for the issuance of graduation certificates and university testimonials, which will be started during the next phase in the universities of Cairo, Ain Shams, Helwan and Alexandria as an experimental stage

Service to apply for equivalency of educational certificates