The university activates and implements all functions related to the applications of management information systems available in universities.

Linking and integrating the databases available in universities.

Introducing additional management information systems applications at the university.

Experimental support to run a number of applications supported by ministries and state agencies.

Linking MIS applications to university portals.

Ensure the integration of all applications provided through MIS projects - e-learning - digital libraries - information technology training.

Working on proposing a mechanism to ensure the continuity of benefiting from the outputs of the projects after the end of the funding provided by the ICTP Department

Localizing applications within the corresponding sectors in the faculties and the university administration, and adopting them as a single system for outputs, only.

Dealing with colleges and linking them

Entering student and postgraduate data and opening the controls

Issuance of certificates

Extracting student and faculty cards

Entering and reviewing the salaries of faculty members and university employees on the Al-Farouq system