Student Affairs and Postgraduate Studies (Informatique System)

Printing the cards of all teams in faculties (Student Affairs - Graduate Studies)

Printing secured graduation certificates (Student Affairs - Postgraduate Studies)

Opening the door for electronic registration of courses for credit hours students and registration of courses for all students

Download college courses

Submitting applications for admission to university cities via the Internet and housing students.

Printing health care cards and stickers for faculty members and their assistants

Extracting the call sheet (student affairs - postgraduate studies)

Issuing a notification of the seat number for each student

Extracting the list of students and their seat numbers for the committees

Mark extract is not for all courses in control

Control Sheet Extract

Extracting the declaration of results

Quality (Al-Farabi System)

Introducing course and program descriptions for   all faculties to date

Benefits and Salaries (Farouq System)

Statistics (general staff - private staff)

Statistics in numbers (public cadre - private cadre)

Statistics of vacations and scientific assignments

statistic complete data

Statistics of appointments in a specific period

Quality statistics for participants

Reports (general staff - private staff)

Academic and career progression

Status statement Staff, faculty and support staff

A list of the names and data of the employees, faculty members and the supporting body

Holiday statement

Detect errors in the data

 career pheasant

promotions statement

statement of bonuses

Their salaries are blocked

Disclosure of qualifications

experience certificate

basic salary gradation


eligibility statements

Vocabulary salary

tax calculation form

Uncover the basics

Variable pay card for terminated employees

tax settlement

Pension statement

Data Quality Reports