Establishing a specialized information center for administrative information systems at the university, called the administrative information systems project, equipped with equipment and trained technical cadres to support the operation of applications and the preparation of any reports requested by university administrations

Providing computers, printers and scanners to enable each of the departments concerned with the project to enter and maintain data, as well as a system for printing cards for students and faculty members, and printing other reports that are requested from the departments’ completers on a daily basis

Training the staff working in the Department of Student Affairs, Faculty Affairs and Graduate Studies Affairs on the use of these applications, in addition to training them on basic skills for using computers

Processing student data in a unified paper form (student card) so that data can be easily entered into applications for all current students in each college at the university

Using, creating and developing software for the management of student affairs, graduate studies and faculty members to be applied in the faculties in a unified manner, whether those faculties operating in the academic year system or the credit hour system. Working on linking the faculties with electronic coordination so that the data of new students in each college can be transferred electronically from the electronic coordination system

Supporting college administrations in the implementation and follow-up of daily work in all academic, financial and administrative activities, including student affairs systems, faculty affairs, graduate studies and research

Supporting university administrations in obtaining data, aggregate and statistical information and all indicators that serve policy makers and decision makers